Would you like your own high quality, modern, authentic cafe? 

We pride ourselves on quality. It is quality that ensures our customers return with confidence every time they visit our store. Whether it be service, coffee, cleanliness or our food- we ensure it is consistently at its best every day. If you are passionate about quality and would like to share that with others just as we have, then an At James’s Place franchise may be the perfect choice for you!

You can make a difference!

At At James’s Place we believe we have found the key to success in a small local business. There are many aspects to success, but there are a few things that stand out above all else. First and foremost is a strong relationship with your customers, as they are the backbone to your business. Closely following is passion. Passion for all things fresh and local. We support local farmers and other local small business as much as we can, which alongside strong customer relationships and consistency, creates a thriving environment and a stronger community.

So where to start?

Early support can make or break a business. We want you to succeed from day one, so we provide all the things you need to get your franchise up and running smoothly. We will work alongside you helping to provide the correct training, support, administration and marketing tools you need to succeed. Then once you are on your feet, off you go! But don’t worry, we will continue to provide ongoing support as you grow.


We will provide ample support to help your business start to grow, this would include connecting you with suppliers, helping manage advertisement and advising on how to create a positive, and far reaching, online reputation. We would also give training days to staff, seminars to managers and assist in correctly managing payroll and all other necessary paperwork to stay compliant.


The training we provide will be in depth and cover all aspects of the cafes operation; how to cook the meals as we do, how to interact with customers whilst operating the till, clean up procedure and other aspects such a health and safety training. The level of guidance and training will be unparalleled as to create the best opportunity for growth for you.


In the modern age of technology more than 50% of your business comes from online, whether it be google, trip advisor, instagram, facebook or another website. Having the right structure for this marketing is imperative to your businesses success, and thats why we will help you manage it correctly to attract and expand your pool of customers; keeping new ones coming whilst looking after the loyal ones.

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